Vincent & Co

Vincent & Co, is a market research and consulting company in food and beverages segment for nearly a decade. We publish reports such as newsletters, market research reports, price monitoring reports and other customized beverage industry reports. Apart from these, some of our key projects in Food and Beverages include

  • Dairy products across the value chain (Farm, milk, dairy liquid & powder products, emerging dairy trends..)
  • Water and associated technologies (Bottled water, Point of Use, water purifiers, water processing technologies…)
  • Beverages (Carbonated Soft Drinks, Fruit Juices, Energy Drinks, Functional beverages…)
  • Food open innovation forums concept and execution by
  • ROI studies for India and select Asian markets (Return on Investments for Dairy, Beverages, Frozen foods, Bottled water..)
  • Coffee (Traditional coffee trends, Single serve coffee machines…)
  • Industry interactions (Conferences, One to One meetings, Personal Customer Meetings, ...)
  • Technological trends (Software solutions for field reporting and data capturing solutions)
  • Food packaging (Cartons, PET, Cans, Vending…)